Boomer's Home Page On The Wild World Web! Welcome to my little home I have placed here on the Wild World Web! It's the wild world web because my main interest here are those fun-loving creatures called Furries! I had never heard of them before, but a friend of mine named Ron Seemore saw some of my artwork of the crazy half Dog half Human animals that I do, that my mom calls my 'werewolves'. It's called anthropomorphics, or Furries. Ron had seen Furries on the net before and told me about them, then we saw some on his computer. I couldn't wait to get on the Internet and see this animal artwork by others! I got my WebTV box in Nov. 1997 to access the Furry scene. I was amazed, before this I thought I was the only one! Before, I hadn't heard of others who are inspired by this kind of art, only in things like cartoons or the pictures of Dogs playing poker and ads with Dogs doing people things. The idea to draw them came to my mind in junior high school when I saw a movie called The Shaggy DA with my dad in the theater. I have always liked Dogs and cats, and was way into The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling that my mom read to me as a bedtime story when I was about 7 years. In Jungle Book an abandoned baby is raised by a wolf pack, and other intelligent talking jungle animals and grows into a man, and then rejoins the Humans. I loved the Human-animal connection, more than in other stories like Tarzan. I also saw the animated Jungle Book movie that Disney made. Somehow I think that contact with anthropomorphics at an early age had activated something in me and I realized that I was a Dog too. I began to dream about the possibility of being on four feet, and by high school I was thinking about it every day, and drawing pictures of anthro Dog creatures a lot, to get what I was seeing in my mind out on a piece of paper. I thought of myself as Elwood, the Sheepdog character from The Shaggy DA a lot, and other Dogs too. When a show called Here's Boomer came on TV, I thought I was more like that scruff mongrel, so that's how I got the name Boomer! glossary of Furry terms Huggle = a hug and cuddle and hug together, a cuddlehug. Pouncehug = to suddenly jump a Furry in play and hug them. Yiff = a young fox's bark or could be a verb for sex Yiffy = something sexy like a pose or a costume Plushie = stuffed animal toy or a fan of one Fursuit = a costume a Furry wears to look more like their animal Furry fan = mostly a fan of the artwork and comics made by Furries Furry Lifestyler = lives in some way like their animal does (barking or prowling etc. Furcon = a convention for Furries like Albany Anthrocon, Confurence, CFE Fursona = the Furry personality side of yourself expressed on line Mundane = a member of the regular Human species, the average workaday person Mate = significant other Furfaq = a walking talking illustrated Furry nutjob Zoo = zoophile, someone who is an animal lover Doctor Pepper file = an early attempt to define what Furry means Were = believes they are their animal in some way, see Furry Lifestyler AFF = a Usenet newsgroup for Furry fans ALF = Usenet newsgroup for Furry lifestylers - Furvey Some of my favorite movies: The Shaggy DA The Shaggy Dog 101 Dalmatians C.H.O.M.P.S. (Chomps) Lady And The Tramp Babe Here's Boomer (TV)