My three Dogs

Butch was my first Dog, a Beagle. I found him in the woods along side of a railroad track when I was about 10. He had a hurt back paw and I ran home to get my dad to bring the car and pick him up Butch Beagle
Pongo was another found Dog, a Collie mutt. I was playing in the dump near my house, and this scared puppy was watching me from behind mounds of trash. I sat still and he eventually came over and I took him home. Pongo was a sweet Dog who liked to give kisses Pongo
Yoder was an American Eskimo, a Spitz breed. He was found when he was dragging a chain, which got caught in the flagstone steps behind my house. We tried to find his owner but never did. Yoder was my best Dog, and he was around when I was mature enough to take care of a Dog, so we were close friends. Yoder
It's interesting that all three pooches were strays, and they all have five letters in their names.